Rock Lee

##Location Beijing, China


Now I’m an entrepreneur running several companies.

##Tech Background

  • Original as a C programmer, then write Go, Python, NodeJS a lot

  • Can finish the work no matters it’s inside Linux Kernel, webpages or mobile apps

  • Excellent at system design and writing backend services

  • Love writing infrastructure systems from scratch

  • Strong debugging skills, problem solving ability, seriously for this item


  • Graduated from WuHan University of Technolody at 2009 and got a chemistry related degree there

  • Minored the computer science in WuHan University


  • English

  • Chinese(native)

##Programming Languages

  • Master

    C, Python, Go, PHP, NodeJS

  • Proficient

    CSS, Javascript(Node.JS), [HTML]

  • Can write

    Ruby, Erlang, Java, Objective/C


You can go to my github page to see which open source projects I’m contibuting to and which projects are released by me.

For short, till now, I contributed to: Redis, PhantomJS, CasperJS, MongoDB C Driver, MongoDB Python Driver.

I released these open source projects:

  • guava - A super super lightweight high performance web framework for Python written in C

  • coconut - A foundation library fully written in Go which includes frequent used data structures and algorithms

  • ircd - A modern implementation of IRC server written in Go

In the future, I will spend more time in the open source field and will try my best to deliver best open source projects.

##Experiences(After I graduated from university formally)

Attackt (Co-founder & CTO) 2016.03 ~ Now

An outsourcing company to help Startups or other companies speed up the developement of their products with highest quality.

[LinearPlus] (Co-founder) 2016.07 ~ Now

We are building the product specially designed for the entertainment field.

AppAnnie (Senior Architect - Leading the Infrastructure Team) 2013.02 ~ 2016.02

As an Senior Architecture leading the Infrastructure team to devliver best architecture, infrastructure systems for the whole company.

  • Scraping
  • Big Data
  • OLAP
  • More to discover

RedHat (Software Engineer) 2012.09 ~ 2013.01

  • Kernel FileSystem

GanJi (Software Engineer) 2010.09 ~ 2012.09

  • Information Retrieval System(Search Engine)
  • Distributed storage system

I wrote a distributed storage system from scratch alone there which inspired heavily by Haystack in Facebook. It serves as the underlying storage system for the search engine. More than 400M requests per day. I also build a Google Analytics like system there to count the PV, UV and other KPIS. Other time is working on the IR system part.

NSFOCUS (Unix C/C++ Engineer) 2009.06 ~ 2010.09

  • IPS
  • Malformed Files Detecting
  • Website Trojan Horse Detecting

Wrote the malformed files detecting engine from scratch and embedded it to the IPS. After that I modified the webkit engine to write a trojan horse detecting engine, features include: HeapSpray, ActiveXObject simulating and vulnerabilities detecting…. By the way, I modified the webkit to headless(similiar to PhantomJS, but totally different).

Other time is working on the IPS itself like writing the protocol decoders: SSL…, investigating security vulnerabilities…

##SNS Network(Welcome to follow me)

##Contact Information

Anytime you can reach me by sending emails to insfocus (BIGAT) gmail.com.